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Save Our Fave: Helping local businesses during COVID-19

Rachel How

What is Save Our Fave?

As the COVID-19 outbreak affects the local economy, Fave launched #SaveOurFave to help local businesses in Malaysia by promoting pre-buy eCards (gift cards with extra cashback) where users can utilise during and after the lockdown. This is a mobile responsive site. Check out the live site here or original post on Behance.

The Problem

Due to the urgency of the COVID-19 situation, we needed to launch a site where users can discover eCards near them without having to download the Fave app (this increases friction).


User goals
  • Discover eCards near me that are relevant to me
  • Buy the eCard quickly and easily via app or mobile browser
  • Share this movement to social media and raise awareness
Business goals
  • Help existing local businesses get discovered quickly and generate 
immediate cashflow
  • Get more local businesses to join the movement
  • Increase awareness of the #saveourfave movement

The Designs

Impactful hero section to give context

We need to generate a strong first impression to anyone who lands on the site. We want to create urgency in users to help local businesses ASAP. The design emphasises on the hashtag #saveourfave and a gloomy image of a seller who’s struggling to stay afloat.

Social Proof

This section is designed to look like Instagram Stories to attract attention. We also emphasised on sharing this movement to social media alongside locals, influencers and celebrities to help #saveourfave.

The eCard Catalogue

Users are able to find what they want easily across different categories. The interface is simple, focusing on the business logo and bonus cashback value that users will get if they buy an eCard.

Discover eCards near you

To further help users find eCards near them, we introduced a map feature whereby they can easily filter through different categories and buy an eCard that is within their vicinity.

Getting more local businesses to join the movement

To create real impact, we need to onboard more local businesses and drive the movement. Hence, this section is focused on helping business owners learn how we can help them.

Mobile Responsive

Credits to the awesome team at Fave!

Design: Rachel How

Backend Development: Zi Jie (Jay), Sid, Asad, Hank, Azuan

Direction: Achharya Tep, Wei Jia

Product Manager: Laurin Stahl

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